Office - Reservations

Reservations: sheet

In the reservations sheet you can dynamically review all the reservations, edit them and add new ones. Every reservation has its status and preview information. To see more, hover your cursor over one of the reservations and preview window will pop up with a little bit more information. To see the whole reservation click on the reservation's bar. Online reservations are automatically added to your sheet.

Office - Reservations sheet

Moving in time

To see the different section in section hold and drag the calendar area horizontally. To jump back to present, use 'today' button. You can also use 'jump to date' function if you wish to see specific date or area too far to scroll. Note: sheet can display only 6 months at a time. To see more distant date, use 'jump to date' function.

Office - Reservations sheet - Moving in time

Moving reservation

If you wish to move reservation, click and drag the reservation's bar (your cursor will change to hand cursor). It is also possible to move the reservation to another room. All changes are saved instantly.

Office - Reservations sheet - Moving reservation

Altering dates

It is possible to click and drag the right side of the reservation, thus add or remove days (your cursor will change to arrow cursor). Prices will be altered instantly.

Office - Reservations sheet - Moving dates

Creating new reservation

To create new reservation find the check-in date (has to be empty) in correct row and click and drag for as many days as necessary. Then you will be redirected to details subpage, where the check-in and check-out date is already set. Please refer to "Reservation: details" for more information on how to add and edit a reservation.

Office - Reservations sheet - Creating new reservation

State color

In case you wish to alter the colors for each state, click on the mini-icon at the bottom of the page and use color picker to choose any color. The color will be changed in whole system.

Office - Reservations sheet - State color

Reservations: list

Reservations list is table based index of reservations with the possibility to filter and narrow down the search.

Office - Reservations list view

Reservation: details

Every reservation needs to have following data: check in and check out date, room, number of persons, contact guest and state (or status). All other fields are optional. Every change that involves prices will reflect in actual price. You have also option to delete the reservation permanently. There is no recovery for deleted reservations.

Office - Reservation details