Website builder - Editor

Editor is used for comfortable change of website content and adapting its design. The menu of this editor which is represented by 4 icons is located in the left part of the page.

Office - Editor
  • Office - Editor - Content editation Icon to start the content editing.

  • Office - Editor - Design editation Icon to start design editing

  • Office - Editor - Structure editation Icon to set the webpage structure.

  • Office - Editor - Website preview Icon will show actual status of the webpage.

Update content

After clicking Office - Editor - Content editation icon, the editor will switch to mode changing the content. There you can add or remove text blocks, widgets, change existing blocks or move individual parts of the page which will adjust whole structure of the page. After finishing of editing click Office - Editor - Save changes icon and new version will be saved updating the webpage.

Customize design

Clicking Office - Editor - Design editation icon will start the mode which manages design changes. You will be able to set such things as colors, fonts, background, size of the page and also upload or create your logo.

Update structure

Office - Editor - Structure editation icon is the part of editor that allows you to change the whole structure of the page. It adjusts particular pages and their language versions. Learn more about creating new pages.

Website preview

Live preview of the actual site.