Website builder - Pages

In pages section you can manage the structure of your website. Create, modify, sort and delete.

Adding new page

To create a new page click on 'create new page'. You need to fill out required fields name, state, language and template. Name is then displayed in main menu. With state you have possibility to make page hidden and tweak it before you make it public. By choosing language, the page will be added to the according language version of the page. We advise to use some keywords and description. This data will be not visible for your visitor, but its used by search engines bots and helps you to be found easier (search engine optimization).

Sorting pages

Every subpage got it sorting number. This indicates the order in which the pages appears in your main menu. If you don't specify this, page will be added as last one. In case you use already used number (such as 1), pages will rearrange itself to suit a new order.

Setting default language

To set a default language, simply click next to language name in pages subpage.