Quick start

How to set up your Inndesk.

Create room types

Room types are located in Office > Rooms > Types. Add all the types of the rooms you provide. Room type is defined by the number of persons and price. Fill in some general description, prices and is also good to upload a nice photo which will be used in reservation process and room widget.

If you decide to add language mutations of your website, you might want to come back to this step and add descriptions and names in other languages.

Assign rooms

Once you are finished with categorizing your rooms, create specific rooms and assign them to previously created types. Don't worry if there is case of only one room per type. If you don't have a name system for your rooms, now it is a good time to introduce one.

Learn more about Rooms section

Add seasonal prices

In case you change your prices according to seasons, you can do so in Office > Prices section. Just add a new season using a calendar tool and fill in the different prices. If you leave some fields blank, the default price will be taken into account. You might want to add prices for some extras. Such as breakfast. These extras will be optional and charged only if guest chooses to do so.

Learn more about Prices section

Add pages

Now that you have your basic essentials in Office section, proceed to creating your webpage. You must start with adding some sub-pages. Go to Website > Pages and create a new page.

Rooms are categorized by language and within the language by the order number (which you can change). It is a good idea to fill in also keywords and description for each page as it will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As for what pages and how many, we would advise to think about the structure for a while a consider what sort of information you want to communicate. You should publish all the advantages of your accommodation, however try not to flood visitor's senses. Sometimes less is better.

Choose template

When you add some pages, it is time to choose your looks. Go to Website > Templates > Select Template and feel free to choose any template by clicking on 'select template'. If you wish to see your pages in your chosen template, go to Website > Editor. If it appears rather empty, do not worry, you can add content in the next step.

Edit content

Now it is time for the biggest step. The content for your website. It is very advisable to think about the content first. Type your texts and collect few inviting photos of your property (don't forget, good images sell).

Once you are ready, go to the Website > Editor. You can navigate your page by clicking the menu. When on the right page, click on the first icon on left (update content). Now, the page is reactive and you can start adding content. Change your main banner image, add text by editing blocks and add images and widgets by clicking on plus button. Don't forget to add booking widget somewhere on your website. For more comprehensive guide, refer to this section of our help.

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Edit visuals

After adding great content, it is time to play with the looks. Either go to Website > Editor > Customize Design (second icon on left) or go to Website > Templates > Customize Design. In this section you can change colors, fonts, logo, background and so on.

Be careful though and do not go too wild. If you still go over board, you can revert to original design by selecting original template again. If you have experience with websites from before and you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you might want to check out Customize Template section.

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Spread the word and final tips

Your website is ready to use. Feel free to spread the link.
Some more tips:

  • If you have own domain, it is possible to connect it with Inndesk. Here is a small guide how to do it.
  • You might want to consider using Google Analytics, which is a great marketing tool. Refer to this guide.